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Rockin’ #Movember there, buddy.
New wings.
30. June 2013

It wasn’t fun, it never was
To be told again, because, because
To live a life too short, too long
And to ignore every siren song
It wasn’t fun to hear you say
You’d have it any other way
Well you’re with me, you’ll see, you’ll see
It’s just not right, but meant to be
These constant battles in your head
As I observe, too soon, you said
Not soon enough but it’s too late
Too late, too late, so full of hate
For me, for you, for everything
The siren calls, the siren sings
I flee, you flee, we rubber-band
I take your arm, you turn my hand
Away, away, I had to go
I’ll see you now no more, no more.

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wtfotostyle said: Why the odd aspect ratio on your photos?

Ahah ;p It’s ‘cinema’s magic aspect ratio’ of 2.39:1 that I mostly use on videogame screenshots, but sometimes also apply to my photos if I think the crop will benefit the composition. Some of my pics just have some cropping of extra space from the top or bottom though where there was nothing in that space that contributed to the pic.

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Sticky plant thing. [/technical term]

(Thanks Midh and Matt, I now know it’s a Drosera / Sundew ^.^)
Sunset over False Bay from atop Sir Lowry’s Pass - Table Mountain, Cape Town, visible on the horizon. Western Cape, South Africa.